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Sports fanatics in Australia often have a wide selection of the best sports channel to watch. The NFL 506 Sports channel covers multiple events, including soccer, tennis, athletics, and much more. The channel airs varied sports-related programs that keep fans engaged if there are no live sports.

Note: NFL Sports channel falls under Fox Sports, an Australian group of sports channels managed and operated by Foxtel. The highly regarded channel airs live sports events in the United States and, if not related programs,

Foxtel is an old company tracing its origin to William Fox. Currently, its major competitors are beIN Sports and ESPN. These two exist as part of Kayo Sports or Foxtel subscription.

Another worth noting point is that there is always a difference between Fox Sports and other Fox SPorts-branded channels from the rest of the world. Nonetheless, the two remain monitored by the Murdoch family, who owns the most outstanding share of the company.

506 Sports Map:

Sports Map shows the various region from which multiple matches are scheduled. After locations, the maps also show different games that will be taking place. For instance, there is a 506 sports NFL map. It shows detail of the location where the football matches will take place.

It is convenient for all sports fanatics to keep abreast of various sports schedules. NFL 506 further categories these data across multiple periods; one week, two weeks, etc

When looking at 506 sports maps, you will see the countries considered, the teams to play, and the date. Also, see the 2021, 506 Sports NFL map with in-depth details you want.

2021, MLB on Fox:

Major League Baseball (MLB) 2021 Schedule is as Follows;

2021: May 22 | May 29 | June 5 | June 12 | June 19 | June 26 | July 3 | July 10 | July 17 | Sept 18 | Sept 25

Baseball is another enjoyable game people watch. The channel broadcasts several games on this as per the above schedules. The 506 Sports Maps may not be the same as the NFL 506 Sports map at any particular time. However, you can notice various similarities when it comes to the region.

Major League Baseball carries 30 teams play, whereby 15 belong to the United States American League and 15 in the National League.

College Football:

Another feature is college football. Unfortunately, in the last year, 2020, the game schedules did not work effectively considering the coronavirus situation. Nonetheless, there were a few that took place. This year we hope the plan will be right now that the vaccine is around.

How To Get Started:

Foxtel channels are mostly premium. Therefore, you will have to subscribe by registering and making some payments to begin. Meanwhile, you can earn more information about the site through the 506 Forums.


Five hundred six sports do not affiliate with any Sports organization or broadcaster. However, you can watch various games as per their schedule. Similar games you watch here are also available in simulation mode on online games.

NFL 2022 season is around the corner; you wouldn’t want to miss any of the projected antagonist teams. Get connected to the NFL Sports Channel to start your viewing.


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