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Minecraft players must use secret doors to keep their treasures safe from other players. The Secret Door in Minecraft is not a dirt door you must tear down and rebuild whenever you want to enter it.

Since Minecraft’s release, players have developed various techniques for building secret entrances.

This guide will teach you how to make a secret door using pressure plates, sticky pistons, item frames, and buttons. Also, we’ll discuss more straightforward methods that don’t involve Redstone or Sticky Pistons.

So, find out how you can stop others from stealing your treasure in Minecraft by reading.

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

One of the most affordable types of secret doors does not use real Minecraft Doors or Redstone Mechanics. You can use this type of secret door to hide rooms inside your base in plain sight.

You will only need a hole, two boards, and some paint. And you will need to dig an entrance to the room you want to hide.

It should be a regular 1 x 2 opening. Then clip your two signs to one side of the opening.

And, if you’re going to hang a large painting, make sure the wall’s overall size is big enough.

A painting that is too small will not be able to hide the door effectively. We found that three blocks high is the ideal wall height. The large image will fit perfectly at this point.

I can only paint signs and solid blocks. You must put the painting on the wall when the door is ready.

And your entire door will be covered by paint. However, you will still be able to walk past her to reach the room behind her.

Make a Secret Door in Minecraft With Sticky Pistons.

It is very convenient to have a door activated by pressure plates. However, it is not very secret.

So if you want to keep it hidden, you can make it from the same material as your door. And, if anyone stands on the signs, their door will not be visible. Find out how to make this door. Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

  1. First, stack two Sticky Pistons on top of each other.

  1. Next, four blocks from the first Sticky Piston building, build a similar two-block structure.

  1. Now, next to each Sticky Piston tower, place two stone blocks on top of each other. And, now, there should be two blocks between two identical buildings.

  1. Each Sticky Piston pillar should have a Redstone torch at the bottom. And, your door must be surrounded by these pillars.

  1. Should place the stone block just above the Redstone torches in the middle of each pillar.

  1. Next, build a 2*6 block hole between the sticky pistons under the stone block construction. And fill the gap with Redstone.

  1. Now, hide the hole by covering it with grass blocks.

  1. Place pressure plates on each side of the Stone block frame. You can open the doorby standing on the stone block building, which expands when you do.

  1. Now, to hide the door, build a stone building of any shape around it. But avoid covering the Pressure Plates.

Make a Simple Redstone Hidden Door

There are endless possibilities and options with anything Redstone-related. The same goes for hidden doors.

It is possible to hide a single door or an entire cave with a mechanism. We’ll use a simpler version of a hidden port for this article.

This project requires 12 Sticky Pistons, 4 Redstone Repeaters, and some Redstone Dust. It’s a two-block wide door.

  1. With the Sticky Pistons, you start by making two L-shaped pieces and then place the door block inside the corner.

  1. The pistons need a roof. So to place all your Redstone components, if you are on a mountain or terrain, there will be a one-block gap up.
  1. Arrange your Redstone and Redstone Dust Repeaters along the roofer gap in the following pattern. And, you will have to place a Redstone Repeater on every tick. Right-click to do this.

Your secret door consists of just that. Place a lever or button where Redstone Dust extends forward.

And this will activate the system. You can keep the Button or Lever hidden by carrying it with you.

Make a Secret Door in Minecraft on The Floor.

Instead of creating complex structures with Sticky Pistons, you can dig a hole in the ground and create a secret door. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. First, dig an appropriately sized hole in the ground.

  1. And apply some base coat to the surface of the hole.

  1. Then, insert a ladder into the hole.

  1. And fill the hole whenever you enter or leave it.

However, it’s easy to miss this kind of secret door. So note its location or build it near a remarkable structure.

Make Secret Stairs in Minecraft.

The Secret Staircase can also be hidden using Redstone, similar to the Secret Door. You can use it to hide an entire floor in your base or to hide the actual entrance to your base.

And, in combination with the previous design for a hidden door, it works exceptionally well.

Also, sticky pistons may be needed a little, depending on the distance from the inlet. Each stair block needs one.

  1. Place two Sticky Pistons on the wall, lining them up two blocks from the wall. And make sure you have a solid union between your pistons and the wall. Redstone wires will run through this block.
  1. Next, place a ladder block on each side of your pistons when they are all in place. And remember your regular blocks under the stairs to build the wall.

  1. We can cover the Stairs by putting more Stairs to the side. And the stairs are curved in a way that makes them look like they’re part of the wall. Spiral stairs use the same curve mechanics

Now it’s just a matter of placing Redstone Dust on top of each block behind the Sticky Pistons and placing your lever or button.

A Redstone comparator and item frame can also be used as keys to making it more hidden.

The Pistons will push ladder blocks once you activate them so you can climb them.

And the Stairs will be visible again when you remove the Button or Lever. Lone wolves won’t be able to tell the difference.

Make a Secret Door in Minecraft with Item Frames.

It is an Item Frame door, the most secret door in Minecraft. Also, I Can use an object in a frame hanging on the wall to activate the door mechanism.

And you’ll need some skills and understanding of how Redstone works to build it. To create an item frame door, follow these instructions if you are a beginner:

  1. Now, add a wall to your house or build one. For your Redstone builds, make sure there is some free space behind the wall.

  1. Then install an item frame on the wall. And fill it with an item of your choice.

  1. Next, drill a hole in the wall where the door will be.

  1. The Sticky Piston should be placed two blocks away from your hole on the opposite side of the wall. And make sure the sticky side is facing the wall.

  1. Now, on the sticky part of the Sticky Piston, add a block of the same material as your wall.

  1. Next, set up a Redstone path from your Sticky Piston block to the Item Frame block on the other side. And make a one-block space between the Item Frame block and the Redstone line.

  1. Now replace the missing Comparator with a Redstone Comparator. And make sure the arrow points up.

  1. Now, a Redstone Repeater must be placed halfway to Redstone.

  1. To activate the mechanism, place the item inside the frame.

Make a Secret Door in Minecraft With One Button.

You can create a secret button to open a door after working with Redstone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. First, dig an appropriately sized hole in the ground.

  1. And apply some base coat to the surface of the hole.

  1. Then, insert a ladder into the hole.

  1. And fill the hole whenever you enter or leave it.

5. The Sticky Pistons that open the door require a Redstone path. And on the other side of the wall where you made the entrance, you should hide it. The Redstone path must be separated from the Sticky Pistons by a block.

6. Now replace the missing spot between the Redstone paths and the Sticky Pistons with a Redstone comparator. And this comparator should have an arrow pointing to the wall.

7. The Redstone Repeater must be placed halfway up the Redstone.

8. You must build walls around the Redstone engine. And now you can hide treasures in this area.

Make a Secret Door in Minecraft with Pressure Plates

In Minecraft, Sticky Pistons and Pressure Plates are two of the most common ways to craft secret doors. Follow these steps:

1. First, by stacking two Sticky Piston blocks, build a pillar.

2. Next, build four blocks away from the existing one.

3. Now, place two stone blocks on top of each other to make two stone pillars. And, the distance between two identical buildings should now be two blocks.

4. Each Sticky Piston pillar should have a Redstone Torch at the bottom. And place them on either side of your door.

5. Next, add a stone block to each of the Redstone torches.

6. Now, build a sizeable two-by-three-block hole about two blocks deep under the stone. And seal it with Redstone.

7. Now, hide the hole by covering it with grass blocks.

8. And place pressure plates on the Stone block frame. Standing on the pressure plates will cause the stone block construction to expand, creating a doorway.

9. Next, hide your build creatively. You can use Stone to build walls around your makeshift door, but it shouldn’t cover the Pressure Plates.

Final words – Minecraft

You should have been able to make a secret door in Minecraft after reading this guide. There is a certain level of Knowledge and experience required for some of the methods mentioned. In the long run, however, they are worth the time and effort as they protect your most precious possessions.


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