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What is The Hunger Games Simulator?

Hunger Games Simulator is a text-based story simulation game that allows players to put custom names in a randomly generated battle to the death. The game is not officially licensed by any property and is simply a fan-made game. As the story progresses, more and more competitors are “killed” until there is one victor (or two, depending on the setting) left.

How to Play The Hunger Games Simulator

If you are short on time and want a simple game, Hunger Games Simulator may be an ideal choice for you. Enter a few names and watch the chaos unfold right on your screen.

It is elementary to set up and play a Hunger Games Simulator game. The game is primarily automated, so it’s a matter of data entry at first.

  • Choose the number of participants you’d like in the Hunger Games, choose whether or not the game should allow two champions, and then press Confirm.
  • Type in as many nouns as you like and choose M or F for each person to determine the pronouns to use for them. When you’re done, select Confirm Names.
  • Once you are done with the steps above, press Go to the next screen when you are done reading the introduction. Now, you’ll just read and watch the days unfold, hitting Continue whenever you want to go to the next scene. See who dies and who wins!

Take on the Hunger Games With the Help of Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games Adventures is a game based on the book “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. The adventure can be played via Facebook or on Android and iOS devices. To reach the immense challenge and participate in the competition in which only the winner comes alive, the user must first fulfill several tasks and learn to get by in a forest.

The player assembles his character – chooses his physical characteristics and clothes – and begins to explore the District with the help of the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. Afterward, it is possible to interact with others such as Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne, and Katniss’ sister Prim.



The user will be, right away, guided by Katniss to build his shelter in the forest, where he will be able to replenish his energies and collect water and food. You must always follow the guidelines of the winner of the 74th Hunger Games. It is necessary to collect stones, and wood, defeat animals, and exchange objects with people from the District to advance through the story’s chapters.

During the tasks, the user loses energy, measured by rays indicated in a marker at the top of the screen. To “recharge the batteries,” rest in the shelter. By the iOS app, it is only allowed to sleep each time cycle. So, if you spend all your strength collecting rocks, you’ll have to wait for some time to replenish.

After developing your skills and learning to hunt and build your tools, your character will be summoned to participate in the dreaded games in the Capital of Panem. Your relationships and everything you have built up in the game will be meaningful at this stage. Remember that if you are playing on Facebook, you can interact with your friends on the social network who are also participating in the tournament. It is possible to earn extra resources in these interactions.


The Hunger Games Adventures is a good game for fans of the “Hunger Games” series, being very faithful to the story and visual style of the original products. The user sits in the adventure alongside Katniss Everdeen and must follow her through Panem, fulfilling tasks to improve her skills.

The game is easy to use and offers excellent 3D graphics. In the mobile version, the player must tap on objects to perform the tasks suggested by Katniss. It is usually necessary to carry out the job in parts, expending a radius of energy in each phase of the process. A significant disadvantage in this edition compared to the one for Facebook is the energy issue. The most common way to recover is by resting in a forest camp, but shelter takes some time to replenish these strengths. Thus, often, it will be necessary to interrupt the challenge and wait to practice actions again. This can discourage the player a bit.


User Experience

The positive point is that users can explore the District’s scenarios and practice actions the way they want. The characters suggest tasks, but the user completes them in the order and as they wish and has the option of carrying out their activities. The coin and badge system is entirely valid, and more resources can be purchased, making progress through the chapters much more accessible. For example, it is possible to buy good energy stores with many badges.

The game doesn’t offer many challenges, but it has good gameplay. Due to its simplicity, it can even become addictive. The soundtrack and sound effects are also pleasant and well in the game’s mood. With top-notch graphics, the game offers many forms of interaction in its Facebook version. Instead of chatting and trading with villagers, you can receive resources from your friends on social networks.


  • Lots of guidance and game tips;
  • Good graphics and friendly interface;
  • Several possibilities for interaction.


  • You have to wait to replenish your energies;
  • It’s not very challenging;
  • It is impossible to play with the avatar of the characters from the movie.

How Does The Hunger Games Simulator Work?

10-20 Tributes play a “Kill-or Be-Killed” race where they try to survive the hunger Games. This is simulated through random events that can have 1-5 people involved. Some events will be fatal, and if another survivor is the direct cause of death. Another survivor will be considered “killed.”

How Do The Hunger Games Work?

The rules of the hunger games are simple. In punishment for the uprising, each Twelve Districts must provide one girl and one boy, called tributes, to participate. On eligibility and the number of times, your name is in the pool to be drawn from: you become eligible to get the harvest of the day that turns twelve.

Why is Gale’s Name in The Crop 42 Times?

All Gale wishes are to keep his family and those close to him safe. By the time he was 18 (the same year “the same year’ hunger games’ takes place”). He had put his name in the harvest 42 times to get extra food for his family and reduce the chance that his three younger brothers were chosen as a tribute from District 12.

Why Do Cats Hiss At Katniss?

Katniss, on the other hand, thinks the cat is horrid. At some point, she states that Buttercup is the “ugliest cat in the world.” The Buttercup always hisses at Katniss when she is near her to show her disdain for her.


Why Does PRIMROSE Everdeen Have to Die?

Prim was willing to be killed by Buttercup after he was nearly killed during the Capitol’s bombardment of District 13. Prim realized he was still in his room and went there to retrieve him so they wouldn’t kill him. But they both would have died if not for Gale Hawthorne.

What Did Katniss Do For Prim?

Prim was initially chosen as District 12’s tribute during the annual harvests. But Katniss made the ultimate sacrifice for her family and volunteered to take her sister’s place. Prim serves as a foil to her older sister. She is a more conventionally female character, to begin with.

Who is Finnick in Love With?

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